1955 Thunderbird looking for a New Home


Hello- My name is George Rosenstock and I live in Berlin MD on the eastern shore.

I want to sell my 55 T bird as I no longer am interested in cruising, my wife passed last year and         all the fun has gone with her. I am 80 and not able to give the car the TLC it requires. 

The particulars are: 1955 Tbird- 292 V8- four barrel, dual exhaust, automatic transmission.

Torch red (painted in 1986), paint used was Imron and has spidered so a repaint is advised                 if interested in showing. 

Original non-porthole white hardtop, after-market soft top.

Interior is black and white, carpet is good, seats are excellent (replaced during restoration).

Tires are radials with wide white-walls and after-market wire hubcaps. 

Just replaced carb, needs oil change and some run time. 

Radio has been replaced by cassette am-fm type. 

Trunk area in excellent condition with full-size spare.  

Manual windows, manual steering, manual brakes.

Power seat.

No rust, garage kept for over 40 years, some very minor paint scratches on headlight cowl.  

Converted to 12 volt with alternator, all lights converted to 12 volts. Has electronic distributor.            (Tachometer does not work because of distributor change)

Looking to sell this spring/summer. Price is negotiable, looking for mid 20's 

Shop manual goes with car, Ford original, very rare with illustrations and specifications.

Can be reached at supezip@aol.com or 410-289-4500

Late Model Thunderbird Engine for Sale 

I have a 4.6 Liter V8 motor from a ’95 T-bird, which was T-boned, destroying the body, but the Motor was still running strong.

I have put 350k on these motors before, and this one had about 95k.

Anyway, I’ve had several of these cars and decided to pull and keep the motor as a spare (in case I ever needed it- but I never did).

Since then, I’ve eventually sold off all of my T-birds, and so, no longer have a use for it.

It seems to me that it would still be useful to someone interested in restoring T-birds of that vintage.

I immediately mounted it onto an engine stand, and it has been stored in my well-sealed garage for the past 8 years or so.

I would be interested in selling it to a person who could need it, but I’m not needing much for it.

I would probably be willing to take any reasonable offer, and would throw in the Engine stand for good measure.

Someone would simply need a truck with a sufficient wench to lift it and carry it off.

I live in Northeastern Maryland (Cecil County).

Thank you,

Rod Burr     my email is:  rlb513@verizon.net

1956 Thunderbird

       I recently received a call from Alice Dolbear. She called me and asked me to notify VCTC members that she has decided to sell Russ' Thunderbird.

      It is a 1956 'Thunderbird Green' with Sage Green interior, hard-top & soft-top and Fordomatic transmission.

      If you are interested, send email to:   TbirdInfo@vaclassictbirdclub.com  -- Alice's contact information will be forwarded to you.

posted 8.24.23

Offered For Sale

2004 Ford Thunderbird Platinum Silver with black interior.  40,750 miles

Platinum Silver Port Hole Hardtop, Black Convertible Top

Also included – Tonneau Cover to go over the folded convertible top, lift to assist in removing the hard top, and a storage stand and cover for the hardtop.


Contact Lynn Hillman

(emails to Info@vaclassictbirdclub.com will be forwarded to Lynn)

Look on the web site for Classic Car Center in Fredericksburg, VA, cars for sale, and you will see lots of pictures of my car as well as a driving video. Since my contract with them has expired, I am free to sell it on my own. They have chosen to keep the car listed and if they come up with a buyer I will sell it through them. 

Otey Pemberton - email:  oteypemberton@gmail.com      (friend of Tom & Brenda)         

Link to Classic Car Center:


posted 2.28.2024

An email was received from Jill Stewart Perkey of Atlanta.  She is the daughter of a former member of VCTC.  AW Stewart was a member from the 70's through the 90's.  Sadly Mr. Stewart passed away in 2022.  The car is currently garaged in the Richmond area.

Here's the email that was received:
    Hi, my name is Jill Stewart Perkey and my father was active in your club during the 70’s.  His name was A W Stewart, and we had a red 1957 Thunderbird.  My Dad passed away in 2022 and the Thunderbird was parked in the garage for all those years.  I live in Atlanta and don’t have a garage to store it. I’m thinking of asking   $19,500  and would be happy for folks to take a look. Let me know if anyone has interest.


If interested, send email to:  TbirdInfo@vaclassictbirdclub.com

All emails will be forwarded to Jill Stewart Perkey

posted 01.15.24


My name is Charlie Evranian, and I live in Chesterfield, Virginia.

At 76, I believe it's time for me to sell my 2002, Ford Thunderbird.

The Bird is in mint condition and has approx. 17,500 miles.

VIN# 1FAH60A62Y109440

Asking  $21,500.00

Attached are a couple of pictures of the 2002 Ford Thunderbird.

Interested parties can contact me at cevranian@gmail.com

Charlie Evranian

2002 Retro Thunderbird for sale   

The car has 60,840 miles and the asking price is $14,900

Can be seen at The Classic Car Center in Fredericksburg


posted 7.2.2024

'57 Garage Queen for Sale

          A friend of VCTC member Moring Gravitt has decided to sell his restored '57 Tbird.
According to Moring, "it was a 'body off & in vat... all new almost everything' restoration.
Over $100K invested, will sell for considerably less."

If interested, send email to:  TbirdInfo@vaclassictbirdclub.com

       All emails will be forwarded to Moring who will send contact info to the owner

Posted 3.14.2024

posted 2.21.2024

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