Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well under these extraordinary circumstances. I’m sure by now everyone is well aware our planned club events in March and April were cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, since May is currently unscheduled, we will not plan for a May event. While I’m hopeful we might be able to get out for Thunderbird Appreciation Day on May 17, it’s probably a bit optimistic at this point. As the situation evolves, we will consider what makes the most sense for future club events and provide updates as soon as possible.

If you are like us, by now you’ve identified and completed (or completely ignored) most of the odd jobs around the house that need to be done. Thankfully spring weather (some good, some not so good) is upon us and offers opportunity to get outside. We’re enjoying the exercise (despite the pollen) and our dogs couldn’t be happier on the twice-a-day walks. While important to abide by the “stay at home” declaration, a short spin in the Tbird to keep fluids flowing might also be good for mental health on a nice sunny spring day. The “down time” could also be a good opportunity to take care of those minor items needing repair before the next time out. Remember, there’s an abundance of technical expertise available from other club members if you have questions or run into a problem you can’t solve yourself.

You may have noticed a few recent additions to the website. If you have any comments for improvement, please pass them on. Steve has done great work incorporating changes and we will continue to refine the site for easier access to information for members and others interested the VCTC.

We’ll be faced with doing things differently for the foreseeable future. While inconvenient, things could be far worse. Keep a positive outlook and take care of yourself, your spouse and your family. I look forward to the next opportunity for a club get-together. Until then, stay safe and be well.



VCTC President

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