PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE FOR MARCH 2021 Did anyone else notice February sailed by? You’d think all the rainy days and reduced activity would have made it drag on but instead it went by in a blur, at least for us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that March brings warmer and dryer weather. If nothing else, I can be outside cutting grass and fighting weeds and moles. BTW, it’s hard to believe but in less than 2 weeks we turn the clocks ahead. Spring can’t be far away! Not much to report again this month. We are holding on to plans for May but no other events are scheduled prior to then. Though things are looking up and COVID numbers are coming down, there will surely be impacts for many more months. We will continue to evaluate possible options for club activities. As weather becomes more outdoor friendly, it’s very possible we could meet at an outside venue if anyone if up for hosting. For those going for a drive on a nice sunny day, if your Tbird has been sitting for a while remember to check basic servicing items before you go. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The cars like to be driven and even though you put them to bed in good running condition, things can go wrong. To everyone, best wishes and stay safe. I look forward to getting out and getting together. Hopefully, that will be soon. Take care! All the best! Eric VCTC President

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